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Scheduler: How to Create a Dark Post (Unpublished Post)
Scheduler: How to Create a Dark Post (Unpublished Post)

Useful guide to help you create a dark post for Facebook in ZoomSphere Scheduler.

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A dark post is a paid post published to Facebook but not visible on your Timeline.

Important Info

  • Dark Posts work only with Facebook.

  • When creating a post, choose only one Facebook profile. If you select multiple social media profiles, you will not see the option for a Promoted-only post.

  • Create any post format except photo albums.

  • Read about its benefits here.

How to Create a Dark Post

  1. Choose one Facebook profile and add a post copy and image/video.

2. Set up the date and time. And select the “Promoted-only (dark post)” option.

3. Once the post status is Approved, the post ID will be available. Click the "Copy post ID" button.

You will see the post automatically labeled as a Dark Post in the calendar so that you can keep good track of your content.

4. Now, you can work with the post in the Ads Manager, where it is automatically saved. When creating a New Ad Identity, select Use Existing Post, enter Post ID, and confirm.

Once you paste the post ID, the post will be visible in your Ads Manager. Then, set up the rest of your campaign and press Publish.

5. Done! Now, you are ready to promote your dark post! 👌

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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