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Analytics: Key Features

Main Analytics functions explained

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The Analytics App delivers comprehensive insights into the performance of your social media channels, offering a detailed analysis of engagement, audience growth, and content effectiveness.

Gain a deeper understanding of your online presence with intuitive data visualizations and actionable metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your social media strategy.

Effortlessly begin your analytics journey by connecting your social media channels to the Analytics App.

Supported Social Media Channels

  • Facebook Page → data provided by Facebook Insights API.

  • Instagram Professional Accounts – Feed + Stories → data provided by Instagram Insights API. To unlock access to Instagram Insights within ZoomSphere, ensure your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook Page you manage.

  • LinkedIn Page – (LinkedIn personal accounts are not supported due to LinkedIn limitations)

  • Youtube

You can also connect external Facebook pages and professional Instagram accounts to track your competitors' public data. Simply insert the profile's URL link and click Load to do that.

Upon installing the app, your initial experience begins with the LeaderBoard, providing a crucial overview of essential statistics. For a comprehensive view of all data, simply click "More."

Customize your experience by selecting your preferred date range or switch quickly between profiles with just a few clicks.

Metrics are presented distinctly and organized according to their respective categories. 👉 Every platform offers diverse sets of metrics. You can access paid and organic data separately or collectively, depending on your preference. 💡

Enhance your analysis by comparing your current results with those from the previous date range, offering valuable insights into the progression of your metrics over time.

Download your data in various formats, such as an image, PDF file, or Excel file. Whether you want to incorporate the chart into Report Builder or modify the chart type, the options are at your fingertips.

Additionally, leverage the zoom-in function for a closer examination of specific details in your data, providing a more granular and detailed analysis. 🙂

Get automated weekly or monthly reports delivered directly to your email, informing you about key developments and trends.


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