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Find out everything what LinkedIn can offer in the Analytics app

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In this article, you will find everything you need to know about LinkedIn and what it can offer in the Analytics App.

​Before you continue reading, please note that all the data shown in the Analytics app for LinkedIn are provided directly by the LinkedIn API, and ZoomSphere does not intervene or change any numbers.

LinkedIn Support

  • To the Analytics app, you can only connect to your LinkedIn Page.

  • The LinkedIn API does not support personal LinkedIn profiles, so it is not possible to connect your personal profile to the Analytics app.

LinkedIn Limitations

  • Due to the official limitations of the LinkedIn API, connecting to external LinkedIn pages is impossible. Therefore, tracking your competitors' LinkedIn data is not possible.

First, ensure your LinkedIn Page is connected to your Analytics app. The app Owner (the person who installed that particular Analytics app) can do this in the app Settings/Data Sources.

Click here to learn how to connect your LinkedIn page to your ZoomSphere account.

Available Metrics

Follower's trend

The total number of followers your LinkedIn Page gained for a given period. Followers tracked for each day.

Organic followers vs. Paid followers

The ratio between organically gained and paid fans

Daily Reach

The total number of unique users your LinkedIn page has reached in the selected period.


Your LinkedIn page has collected the total number of impressions in the selected period.

Account Interactions

The number of times people took a positive action, broken down by type—clicks, Comments, Likes, and Shares.

Individual Updates Statistics - Table Overview

Overview of all published(existing) posts on your page timeline for a selected period, broken down by metrics: Likes, Comments, Shares, Interactions, Engagement, Impressions, Clicks

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