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Are you looking for a tool you can use to organize your tasks, keep important knowledge or have a comprehensive overview of your clients? Look no further! Introducing our Workflow Manager – the solution for all your organizational needs and beyond. Now, let's explore how you can unlock its full potential. 👇🏼

✅ Task Manager

The primary and widely adopted application of the Workflow Manager is for managing tasks and their corresponding workflows. Upon the installation of Workflow Manager, three default columns — "To Do", "Doing ✅", and "Done 💪🏼" — are provided to track the progress of your tasks. Feel free to customize or expand these columns to better align with your specific workflow. Efficiently delegate tasks by assigning cards to your teammates, fostering seamless collaboration within the team.

📱 Client's Post Requests

Have you found yourself grappling with numerous client emails regarding publishing social media posts? Once you want to start working on the content plan, you have to go through your inbox to gather all the information. There's a more efficient solution! Invite your clients to join the Workflow Manager, empowering them to input their social media post requests directly. With an intuitive Drag&Drop feature, seamlessly move cards through columns representing each post's status — from "Client's Requests" to the final "Published" stage. This way, clients stay informed about the publication process, always aware of the current status of their posts.

🗓️ Content Planning

Utilize Workflow Manager to seamlessly monitor the entire publishing journey of planning your content. Create tailored columns representing post topics such as "Halloween", "Christmas", "New Year", etc. Ensure no crucial steps are overlooked by incorporating a detailed checklist in the card description. You can also create labels to categorize the posts by topics, targeted audience, etc. Invite your client to your Workflow Manager and let him fill in the Post Ideas column with content requests!

📚 Knowledge Base

Transforming a Workflow Manager into a knowledge base is a creative and efficient way to organize and keep important information. By naming the columns as categories, you can structure your knowledge base to align with your team's needs. Each category can represent a specific area of knowledge or type of content, making it easy to locate and update information as needed.

📊 Sales Board

Looking for an effective tool to streamline your sales process and effortlessly manage client information? Transform the Workflow Manager into a powerful Sales board or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system! Customize columns to match your sales pipeline stages, such as "Potential Clients", "Contacted", "Appointment Set", "Follow-up Needed", "Closed Deal" and more. Easily track progress by dragging and dropping client cards based on their current status. Elevate your sales management with this intuitive and dynamic system.

🏆 OKR Reporting

Gain a thorough insight into your company's quarterly goals and monitor progress effectively. Structure your workflow by setting up columns as Objectives and individual Key Results as cards. Utilize checklists in the description to closely monitor your team's progress.

🎉 Event Planner

Enhance your event preparation by meticulously organizing tasks for occasions like office parties or conferences. Create categorized columns to systematically allocate responsibilities such as purchasing, preparation, and more, ensuring nothing is overlooked. To view your tasks, click on "Assigned to me" in the top bar.

🪲 Feature Requests & Bug Reporting

Store feedback, feature requests or report bugs in Workflow Manager to keep track of implementation status. Create columns as "Ideas", "Planned", "In Development", "Needs Review" or "Implemented". Employ labels to categorize task cards based on importance or categories. Use the comment section for collaborative discussions with teammates—simply tag them using @ to ensure effective communication and collaboration.

📃 Meeting Notes

Keep your meeting notes organized! Structure your workflow by designating individual meetings as distinct columns and the specific outputs of each meeting as corresponding cards. Articulate comprehensive notes from the discussions in the card descriptions, ensuring a clear and detailed record. Efficiently manage tasks by delegating responsibilities to your team and monitor progress seamlessly using labels such as "To Do," "Work in Progress," "Review," or "Done." Elevate accountability and meet project timelines by incorporating deadlines into your workflow.

👥 Recruitment

Another usage of Workflow Manager is for HR purposes! The dynamic Kanban board serves as a tool to find an ideal candidate for open positions in your company! Customize the columns to align with candidates’ progression throughout the comprehensive recruitment journey—starting from "New Candidates" and advancing through stages like "Qualified Candidates," "Invited to the Meeting," and "Pre-selected." Create colorful labels such as "junior“ or "senior" or related to company departments, for example, "Sales", "Dev", "Marketing", etc.

🌴 Vacation Register

Have you ever wondered how to effectively track your team's vacation? Set columns as months and cards as days off. Implement clear labels such as "Approved" and "Needs Approval" to monitor and manage the approval status efficiently. This streamlined approach ensures a transparent and organized process for tracking and approving vacation requests within your team.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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