Connecting LinkedIn to ZoomSphere is super easy! 😜

Let's start from the beginning.
👉 Open ZoomSphere settings and click on the Social profiles tab – LinkedIn settings (column on the left).

💡 If you are already logged in to your LinkedIn profile in the same browser, the password is not required.

👉 Click on the LinkedIn profile button.

First, your LinkedIn personal profile will be connected, and then choose the LinkedIn pages you would like to connect. ✔️

❗️You need to have a Super Admin role on the LinkedIn page in order to connect the page to ZoomSphere.

💡 If you are not logged in, please fill in your email address and password.

Now connect your new LinkedIn social profiles to your Apps and grant access to the rest of your team by setting up a Scheduler/Reply role for each teammate. 🙂

Well done! You can start working with your LinkedIn social profiles. 👏

Still not sure? Let us know – text us via our chat or at ✍️

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