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How to Create a Private Facebook Page
How to Create a Private Facebook Page

Learn how to activate your Facebook Page as private, hidden to public

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If you need to create a private (non-public) Facebook Page, it is necessary to deactivate it. Here's how to do it.

When you cancel the publication of the Page or deactivate it, the public will no longer see it, including people who follow the Page or have liked it. The Page will remain hidden from the public until you reactivate or publish it again. How do I reactivate it?

You can deactivate the Page anytime, but it is necessary to have full control of access to the Facebook page. Deactivating your Page does not remove it. 😊

Private Facebook Page and ZoomSphere

Private Pages can often be used for linking with Instagram accounts that do not have their own Facebook Pages. This allows you to use the Private Page as a connecting link between ZoomSphere and Instagram. You do not need to connect the Page to any apps; it just remains connected in the Settings.

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