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Master Account: How to Connect Google My Business
Master Account: How to Connect Google My Business

Learn how to connect Google My Business to ZoomSphere

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Discover the power of integration as we guide you through the quick steps to connect Google My Business with ZoomSphere. πŸ’‘

This guide is for users with access to ZoomSphere Master Account.

Head over to Master Account Settings/Social media channels, and click the red "Add channel" button. Then, pick the Google and click "Connect."

Select the account you'd like to link with ZoomSphere. Go ahead and allow the permissions.

Your Google account is successfully linked to ZoomSphere, but that's not all! Click on Add Google My Business to add your business profile.

You'll need to have a role on profiles (businesses) - it can be Primary Owner, Owner, Manager, or Site Manager.

Choose the business profile you wish to integrate with ZoomSphere and hit "Continue."

You're all set now! βœ… Now, you can connect your Google My Business account to the Community Management app and manage your reviews. πŸ˜‰

What functions does ZoomSphere offer for Google My Business?

For the moment, we support Business Profile's Reviews management in our Community Management app.

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