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I can't see most of the settings. Why?
I can't see most of the settings. Why?

The two types of ZoomSphere accounts and the difference between them

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There are two types of accounts in ZoomSphere โ€“ a "master" account and a "regular" account.

What is a Master Account?

Master Account (MA) = the MAIN account with access to all settings.

  • It is "superior" to all the other REGULAR accounts which are created through it.

  • Every time the MA adds another user, a regular account is created for this user. MA can send an email Invitation to this user, so he/she will be able to access his/her account).

Only the Master Account can:

  • add new users

  • connect social media profiles

  • refresh pages when the connection is lost

  • create new workspaces

  • give access for each user to see and work in apps

  • ...

If you are an owner of a regular account and you wish to change some settings, please, contact your master account.

Master Account Settings

Regular Account Settings

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