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Master Account: How to invite a new user to your team
Master Account: How to invite a new user to your team

Learn how to invite new people to your team

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1) How to invite a new user

First, click Create a new user in the Users & Team settings.

This setting is accessible only for the Master account (the main admin).

Basic info

→ Fill in all the information, add an email address, hit Save and continue.

Access & Roles

→ Give access to install apps, create reports in Report Builder, and create chat channels.

→ Grant access to Social Profiles.

→ Assign a Scheduler role.

Save it and continue.

3. Shared Apps

→ Select Apps the User can work with.

4. Invitations

→ Send an email invitation and wait for the user to activate their account.

That's it. Good job! 👏

🕐 Now, you need to wait for your new teammate to activate their account.

2) How to join ZoomSphere (Step by step for a new user)

The invitation will be sent to the user's email address. It needs to be accepted by clicking the Join ZoomSphere button.

→ The user needs to create a password and click the Activate button.

Please note: The password needs to meet all the requirements to activate the account.

And that is it! 👍

The Activation has been completed, and your new teammate can start working with ZoomSphere. 🎉

3) Email already exists; what can I do?

→ It means that this email has already been registered in ZoomSphere, so it can't be added to your team. Find more about this issue here: Error: Email already exists 📚

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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