1) How to invite a new user

2) New user: How to join ZoomSphere

3) The email address already exists

1) How to invite a new user

First, click Create a new user in the Users & Team settings.

This setting is accessible only for the master account (the main admin).

Fill in all the information, add an email address, and hit the Save and continue button.

Select apps you would like to share with your new teammate. Hit the Save button.

Grant access and assign Scheduler roles and Reply Roles (Community Management

app) for each connected account/page.

You have three checkboxes in the Access settings:

  • App installation = Allow the teammate to create new apps in his account.

  • Report = Allow the teammate to access the Report Builder.

  • CRM = Allow the teammate to access the CRM function.

Save it and continue.

Send an invitation! Go to the Invitations tab and click the Send an invite button.

That's it. Good job! 👏

🕐 Now you need to wait for your new teammate to activate their account.

2) How to join ZoomSphere (Step by step for a new user)

The invitation will be sent to the user's email address. It needs to be accepted by clicking the Join ZoomSphere button.

The user needs to create a password and click the Activate button.

Please note: The password needs to meet all the requirements to activate the account.

And that is it! 👍
The Activation has been completed, and your new teammate can start working with ZoomSphere. 🎉

3) Email already exists; what can I do?

It means that this email has already been registered in ZoomSphere, and therefore it can't be added to your team. Find more about this issue here: Error: Email already exists 📚

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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