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Master Account: Switching to Teammates' Account
Master Account: Switching to Teammates' Account

Streamlining Collaboration and Oversight for Seamless Team Management

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Unlock a realm of possibilities with the Master account in ZoomSphere, empowering you to collaborate seamlessly with your teammates and clients. One notable feature is the ability to effortlessly switch to any team member's or client's account.

Find the teammates button on the grey panel and select a teammate you want to switch to.
When switching to teammates' accounts, you will see the same content as your teammates, allowing you to identify any missing permissions that you can quickly address in your Master settings.
To switch back to your Master account, press the "Switch back" button.

When Can It Be Useful?

  1. Onboarding New Team Members:

    • Simplify the process of getting a new team member started in the ZoomSphere ecosystem. After granting access to your settings, swiftly check their setup by seamlessly switching to their account.

  2. Troubleshooting Client Issues:

    • Address client concerns promptly by switching to their account. If they're experiencing difficulties with an app or data visibility, viewing the workspace from their perspective can provide invaluable insights for effective issue resolution.

  3. Assisting New Clients:

    • Extend a warm welcome to new clients by utilizing the switching function to guide them through navigating the ZoomSphere ecosystem.

  4. Ensuring Settings Accuracy:

    • As the Master account, oversee all teammates' and clients' settings effortlessly. Verify that configurations are accurate and that every team member or client has the necessary access.

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