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Important Facts

Master Account (MA) = the MAIN account with access to all settings.

  • It is "superior" to all the other REGULAR accounts which are created through it.

  • Every time the MA adds another user, a regular account is created for this user. MA can send an email Invitation to this user, so he/she will be able to access his/her account).

Only the Master Account can:

  • add new users

  • connect social media profiles

  • refresh pages when connection is lost

  • create new workspaces

  • give access for each user to see and work in apps

Initial Settings

There are 5 main Tabs in the Settings section:

  • General settings

  • User & Team

  • Social profiles

  • Workspace settings

  • Other settings

  1. In General Settings – set up your Name, Country, Timezone, and First day of the week to start within your publishers and also Time format.

2. In Users and Teams – add as many users (coworkers, clients) as you wish

Give each user correct permission to use ZoomSphere smoothly. To add new ZoomSphere user:

2.1. Firstly add an email address and the name in Basic info.

2.2. In the Shared Apps section share existing apps with the new user and press the Save button.

2.3. In Data Sources tab define which pages/profiles and roles to these pages the new user should have. You can define two roles for each page – Scheduler role (for the Scheduler App) and Reply role (for the Community Management App).

πŸ‘‰ Scheduler role – Editor, Client, Admin – the chosen role will set what the user can see or edit in the Scheduler App. πŸ‘‡

Given permissions of each role are based on Status settings & Publishing flow in your Scheduler App:

πŸ‘‰ Reply role – Editor, Operator, Manager – the chosen role will determine how the user can interact with incoming messages in the Community Management App. πŸ‘‡

  • Editor – cannot respond directly to social networks and is only authorized to send a prepared answer to the manager's approval.

  • Operator – user can directly respond to social networks

  • Manager – can respond to social networks and approve, edit or delete Β the responses sent to him for an approval

You can also define if the user has access to CRM, Report Builder or if they can install their own App.

2.4. In the Invitations tab send the invite to ZoomSphere to user's email.

3. In Social Profiles & Apps tab, you will add all your social channels. For more details, check this article.Β 

4. In the Workspaces settings tab you can manage existing workspaces and add new ones. See more details in an article dedicated to Workspace Setup.

5. In Other Settings you can enable/disable Business hours. Enabled Business Hours will be reflected in your response time in the Community Management App.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email support@zoomsphere.com πŸ™‚

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