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Master Account Settings
Master Account: Initial Settings
Master Account: Initial Settings

Step by step guide to your Master Account settings.

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Important Facts

Master Account (MA) = the MAIN account with access to all settings.

→ It is "superior" to all the other User accounts created through it.

→ Only the Master account can create new users and invite them to the team.

Only the Master Account can:

  • Add new users

  • Connect social media channels

  • Refresh pages when the connection is lost

  • Create new workspaces

  • Give access for each user to see and work in apps

Initial Settings

There are five main Settings tabs:

  • General settings

  • User & Team

  • Social media channels

  • Workspace settings

  • Other settings

1. General Settings

→ Set up your Name, Country, Timezone, and First day of the week to start within your publishers and also Time format.

2. Users & Teams

→ Add as many users (coworkers, clients) as you need.

3. Social media channels

→ Connect and manage all your social channels. For more details, check this article

4. Workspaces settings

→ Manage existing workspaces and add new ones. See more details in an article dedicated to Workspace Setup.

5. Other Settings

→ Manage Business hours. Enabled Business Hours will reflect your response time in the Community Management App.

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