Owned Apps

General / Master Accounts

To make user settings more transparent and helpful, we added a new Owned Apps tab to the User's Information window. The master account (administrator) will have easy access not only to shared apps of a particular user but also they will see what apps the user has created.

To see the Owned Apps tab, go to Settings — Users & Team — User — Owned Apps.

The tab has an informational function, it's not possible to delete or deny access to any of those apps. Also, the tab will appear only if the user has created any apps.

Switching to other users' accounts

Each master account can see the Teammates tab on the left panel. This function allows users with master access in ZoomSphere to switch to their teammates' accounts in order to see their apps, settings, support them in the onboarding process or have a look at how does the workspace look from their point of view.

Read more about this topic here or watch a tutorial.

Drag & Drop

The Workflow Manager

Uploading a file to the Workflow Manager app has never been easier. You can now drop files on any card from the dashboard and they will be immediately uploaded.

There are two ways to use the drag and drop function:

1. Drop the file on the card in the main dashboard view.

2. Drop the file while in the card view.


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