ZoomSphere has two new exciting features: Templates and Hashtag Suggestions. They both are incredibly useful and even more so together.

Instagram Hashtag Suggestions help you find relevant hashtags for your posts and Templates help you save time, prepare and organize your post texts and hashtags so you can quickly add them to your posts when scheduling. Both features are available in the ZoomSphere Scheduler app for everyone.

Not everyone loves hashtags, but almost everyone would tell you they are somehow important. And they are. If used well, they can help you be seen by the right audience which is the key to get more engagement.

With hashtag suggestions, you can find the right hashtags for your field or industry. At the same time, you will see the "size" of the hashtag – how many times it was used in a post on Instagram. Many different categories are used to describe the size of hashtags, but it is usually similar to this:



Amount of posts



extremely popular hashtags, general

more than 500,000 posts associated with them




very popular hashtags, general

100,000 – 500,000 posts




popular hashtags

10,000 – 100,000 posts




niche hashtags

branded hashtags

0 – 10,000 posts




It seems that it's good to use few hashtags from each category. The smaller hashtag, the less competition, which also means more chances to be discovered: for example being featured in the "top 9" or found amongst the hashtag page. People can also follow hashtags on Instagram, which means they could see your hashtagged post in their feed even if they don’t follow you.

You can use a few of those extremely and very popular hashtags, but it's not recommended to use too many, because the post is "lost" within seconds after posting. Medium size hashtags are a good way to go in any amount.

Small size hashtags are more specific and guarantee much less competition (but also they are not so frequently seen). It can be community or niche hashtags, the ones that are very targeted to what your audience might be looking for and associated with your business.

Don't forget about branded hashtags – used specifically for your brand, campaigns and contests.

You can use thirty hashtags for each Instagram post. There are many opinions on how many you should or shouldn't use. The amount depends only on what you want to achieve – you will probably add less if you don't want to look spammy, nevertheless, if you are growing your account, you will probably use all thirty.

One thing you should remember is not to repeat the same hashtags (especially if you use all thirty of them) over and over again. Instagram can mark this activity as suspicious. So, mix it up!

How to use Instagram Hashtag Suggestions

Once you start creating a post, click inside the text field and a bar with Templates & hashtags, Emojis and Location will show up. Once you click Templates & hashtags, the panel will open on the right.

Simply search and find relevant hashtags in ZoomSphere by typing in any keyword and hitting Enter. For example, if you type "socialmedia", ZoomSphere will suggest and show related hashtags and how many posts with this hashtag exist on Instagram:

Hashtag Keyword


Number of posts















You can select any hashtags from the list for the keyword you have entered and choose what you want to do next:

  • Save it to an existing/new template

  • Insert hashtags directly to the post

How to Use Templates

Templates are here to make your life easier and keep everything ready to use with just the click of a button. You save time because everything you need is at your fingertips – create:

  • templates with hashtags,

  • templates with tags, texts, emojis

  • drafts of specific post structures, for example:

    • News Alert posts

    • Contest posts

    • Campaign posts

  • or mix it all up. Anything you need.

You can create multiple hashtag lists based on your frequently used hashtag categories, or create templates based on topic, theme, brand, client etc.

About Templates:

  • synchronized for all users in a workspace – cooperate with your teammates and share templates

  • shared for all social media profiles in ZoomSphere – it allows you to save everything just once, even if different social media platforms are used for one brand

  • templates are sorted by name, but to make it easier, newly created templates will be displayed on the top

  • you can edit text and title of templates

  • you can delete a template

  • click on the hashtag and get redirected to the hashtag page on Instagram

Insert Template directly to the Post

Open the Templates & Hashtags panel, select Templates and click Insert to post.

Create New Templates

Open the Templates & hashtags panel, select Templates and click Create new template.

Enter the template name and hit Save.

Edit Existing Template

If you want to edit your template, you can do so by clicking Edit on the right side of the template. Do the changes and it will be automatically saved, which will be indicated by "βœ”οΈ Saved" at the top-right corner.

If you want to Edit the title, follow the same instructions, change the Title and hit Enter.

Delete a Template

Open the Templates & hashtags panel, select Templates and click Edit on the template you would like to delete.

Then click on the Bin icon at the bottom and confirm it.


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