The world of social media never stops evolving, and neither does ZoomSphere.

From now on, you can schedule and publish IGTV posts and Instagram Reels from the ZoomSphere's Scheduler app! 🥳

Both formats can be shared easily to Instagram using our mobile app – more about this publishing method here. IGTV and Reels cannot be auto-published because of the official Instagram API limitations.

Make sure you have the newest version of ZoomSphere installed on your phone.

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IGTV: Instagram TV

IGTV allows users to upload videos longer than Stories and posts. It was created to finally fit the way we use phones – vertical and full screen (although you can also upload horizontal videos). From 2019, you can also improve the discoverability of IGTV posts by posting its previews to your feed – the video will stop after one minute and offer the viewer to continue watching on IGTV.

Technical Requirements: IGTV

  • Formats: MP4 or MOV

  • Video Duration: 1 minute to 15 minutes

  • Minimum frame rate: 30fps

  • Minimum width: 720px

  • Maximum video file size: 650 MB

If your video doesn't meet the necessary requirements, it won't be possible to publish the post.

Instagram Reels

The popular format allows brands to share short, entertaining videos. Not familiar with it yet? Well, maybe you should be because we live in times where people watch less TV and more digital video. According to Instagram, "younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals", which creates a huge area of opportunity for brands and organisations to use this space for themselves.

Technical Requirements: Instagram Reels

  • Formats: MP4 or MOV

  • Maximum video file size: 650 MB

Instagram limits Reels to 30 seconds. You can upload any video with max. file size 650 MB to ZoomSphere, and once you are redirected to the native Instagram app in time for publishing, you will be able to edit and trim the video as you wish.

Instagram Reels vs. Instagram Stories




up to 30 seconds

15 sec each Story





up to 30

10 per Story


stored in a dedicated Reels feed on IG account

24 hours


Reels feed, Instagram feed, Explore tab, Instagram Stories

24-hour Story, Explore tab

How to create an IGTV and Reel post in ZoomSphere

1. Select an Instagram account or accounts.

Note: To see the Instagram account in the Scheduler, the master account has to add it as Data Sources to the Scheduler app first – here's how to do it.

2. Select the type of post: IGTV or Instagram Reels.

3. Drag & drop a video (which has to be at least one minute long) or select it from your computer.

There is an Add Clipboard Text section below the video, you can add any text or title of the post. This text will be copied for you in the manual publishing process – and you will paste it easily to the post.

4. When creating an IGTV or Reel post, you will always see only the Manual via ZS mobile app publishing option. The Automatic publishing option is not available, because of limitations from Instagram.

You can play your video or upload a different one.

5. Approved posts are synced into your mobile app (ZoomSphere — available both on Google Play and App Store.) When it's time to publish them, our app will notify you right in time.

❗️ Click the follow button to receive the push notifications on your phone. Otherwise, you will most likely miss posting your scheduled posts.

6. Tap at the notification you received on your phone to open the app.

7. Now you see the detail of the post you have scheduled in the Scheduler.

You can still do changes to the Clipboard text. Once you change something, scroll down and click Save.

8. Scroll down and click the Publish to IG now button.

9. Finish all touch-ups in your Instagram app, where you will be redirected automatically by the ZoomSphere app.

Step by step IGTV:

Remember, that only the Video title will be visible on Instagram while playing the IGTV video, and the Description only after the viewer intentionally displays it.

  • Make sure you are logged in to the correct Instagram account.

  • Tap on the main account icon.

  • Tap the plus icon at the top.

  • Select IGTV video.

  • Choose the video from the gallery and set a cover image.

  • Paste your clipboard text (set title and description) and tap Post.

Step by step Reels:

  • Make sure you are logged in to the correct Instagram account.

  • Tap on the main account icon.

  • Tap the plus icon at the top.

  • Select Reel video.

  • Choose the video from the gallery.

  • Trim the video.

  • Add text, stickers, music, ... anything you like.

  • Set a cover image, paste your text (add a caption – here's the trick, ZoomSphere copied the prepared text for you), tag people and tap Share.

Instagram limits the length of reels to 30 seconds. You can trim and edit your video at this point, for example, pick from a variety of tools like Effects, Timer, Speed, and Align to make your reel more creative. You can choose your cover image, add hashtags, or tag other accounts.

8. Share!

ZoomSphere differentiates each post type in the calendar:

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