There are some fresh updates out there, here's a short info about each. 🙂

Supporting LinkedIn Video

The Scheduler app

Let's start with something really exciting! Until now, your scheduled videos for LinkedIn were published as a link, so they didn't play automatically. It was caused by restrictions from LinkedIn.

The great news is that now your videos will be published to LinkedIn natively and auto-play on the feed 😊

You can also set a title of the video which will show right below it.

👉 Read more: LinkedIn: Scheduling Photo & Video Posts

Creating posts in one easy step

The Scheduler app

We love simplicity. That's why from now on you will create posts in one step!

Once you select the social media profiles, the window for uploading content will appear right below.

Easy App Switch

The Scheduler and Workflow Manager app

You can switch from any Scheduler and the Workflow Manager app to another app of the same type easy and fast, using the new dropdown menu on the top left corner of your screen.

Highlighting Mentions in the Comment Section

The Scheduler and Workflow Manager app

When you mention someone in ZoomSphere, the mention itself will turn blue for other users, and yellow whenever you are mentioned – so the discussion becomes more transparent and easy to navigate.

The Main ZoomSphere Page

Based on your feedback, we decided to change the default page of ZoomSphere – once you click on the ZoomSphere logo icon, it will take you to Workspaces, not the Overall dashboard.

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