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A Short Guide: The Community Management App
A Short Guide: The Community Management App

A Short Guide for using the Community Management to the fullest 🔥

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What is the difference between traditional media and social media? Social media are a two-way communication channel, and that's why they are so successful.

To keep the high-quality dialogue with your fans and customers, you can use the Community Management App. How? 👇

The Power of Community Management

Add the new Community Management App to your Workspace and connect at least one social media channel. ZoomSphere supports five platforms:

  • Facebook – Direct Messages, Comments, Replies, Reviews, Mentions, Visitors posts

  • Instagram – Organic post comments

  • Twitter – Direct Messages, Tweets, Replies, Mentions

  • LinkedIn – Comments, Replies

  • YouTube – Video Comments

  • Google My Business - Reviews


​Incoming messages are stored in a customer care queue and ordered chronologically from the newest to the oldest. You can filter the results by message type, source, date range, and chronological order.


​Once you click on the queue comment, it will open in the post detail, where you can see the whole thread and start processing it. Here is the list of comment actions available:

  • Reply – publish your reply directly to the native platform

  • Assign – assign a comment to your team member

  • Note – leave an internal note at the conversation for better team cooperation

  • Tags – attach a tag to comment to analyze top topics which your clients discuss

  • Labels – each comment can be labeled with a sentiment information​


When dealing with fans and followers, it's great to know "your people". Check each user in his/her CRM card to see the whole communication history with this person. You can also categorize your fans with a CRM tag"VIP customer", "Troublemaker", or "Brand ambassador", for example.


​Each Community Management App comes with data and reporting, from which you can get insights into your team and channels performance.

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