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A Short Guide: The Scheduler App
A Short Guide: The Scheduler App

A Short Guide for using the Scheduler to the fullest πŸ”₯

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Are you creating a new post in the Social Media Scheduler? Great! You begin an effective workflow enabling your team to cooperate on every post and approve the final version with your client. How?πŸ‘‡

Status & Publishing Flow

Every post needs to have a status that reflects the current stage in your planning and publishing process. The Scheduler App comes with a set of default statuses that can be assigned manually to your posts (these can be customized, too).

  • Private Draft

  • In Progress

  • Needs Review

  • Approved

Besides those, we have two system statuses that can't be deleted or changed.

  • Published – is assigned to a post once automatically published to your social media.

  • Error – is assigned in case of any issue with the automatic publication.


​Move the post on the scale of statuses as needed, add more statuses like "Needs Graphics", "To Approve", or "To Rework", for example. You can create your own system in ZoomSphere that fits your needs the best.


Hashtags Suggestions and Templates

With hashtag suggestions, you can find the right hashtags for your field or industry. At the same time, you will see the "size" of the hashtag – how many times it was used in a post on Instagram.

Image Editor

You can edit your images right in the Scheduler app while working on your post.

  • Crop your photos fast & easy with presets.

  • Apply filters to your photos.

  • Rotate, Clip and Zoom your images.

Idea Post

Ideas posts are a great tool to quickly share notes and plans for a content plan across your team.

You can move them around the calendar as a regular post – drag & drop it.

Dark Post

A dark post is a paid post published to Facebook, but it is not visible on your Timeline.

Instagram Feed

A great feature – you can plan content visually!

You can choose what you see on the Feed because you can select the Statuses that will be visible there.

You can move your posts around in the calendar view and you will see these changes in the Instagram Feed.

Automatic Publishing to Instagram

We have a feature – Auto Publish – which will allow you to post directly to Instagram without the need for manual posting using push notifications on your phone.

What is supported:

  • Single photo posts

  • Stories

  • Carousel

  • Reels

  • Location tagging

There are some limitations:

  • 25 published posts within a 24-hour period – but you can post more posts natively from Instagram or using ZoomSphere manual posting (with a push notification to your phone) β†’ Learn more

  • Branded content tags and shopping tags are not supported

  • Filters are not supported – only if you use manual posting via the ZoomSphere mobile app

  • Read about photo requirements here πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Automatic publishing supported for:

Facebook – Image post, Photo carousel post, Link/Text post, Video/Animated GIF post
LinkedIn – Photo, Text or Link post
Twitter – Photo, Video, and GIF posts
TikTok - video post

Please note that the maximum length of scheduling Approved Facebook posts is 29 days. In case you need to schedule the post further than that, schedule the post and Approve it later to avoid the Error notification.

And there's more! Explore other articles in our Help Center β€” you can start below πŸ‘‡ If you have any questions, contact us via our in-app chat or at


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