Archive your cards in the Workflow Manager

We updated the Workflow Manager app, so you can archive the cards you don't need – the tasks are finished or you simply don't need to see them anymore.

There is a new menu called Archived cards – view it by clicking on the "archive" icon located on the right-top corner of your screen.

If you don't want to see this menu anymore, just click the icon again.

There are two ways to archive the cards:

  1. On the column

2. After opening the card's detail

Unarchiving and deleting a card

Open the Archived cards menu, and:

  • To unarchive a card – click the pink Renew Card text below the card. The renewed card will appear again on the column at the main dashboard where it was before you archived it.

  • To delete a card – click the grey Delete Card text below the card. Please remember that you cannot take this action back.

  • Use the search to find your archived cards.

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