STEP 1. Basic Info 

Click on the "+" or "Install your apps". Select the type of app you would like to create and fill in the name. Lastly, give your app a proper look! Select which icon and color the app should have. 

STEP 2. Connected Profiles 

Select which social profiles you want to manage through this app. You can select from the list of connected profiles to the application (social media profiles, where you hold admin rights). If you want to add more social profiles, you can do so in Settings – Social Profiles.

STEP 3. External Profiles 

For some of the apps is possible to connect external profiles and monitor their data. Simply copy and paste the URL of such a profile. An external profile can typically be your competitors' social media profiles. 

STEP 4. Access

In the Access tab, you can select the users who will be able to access the app you are creating.

STEP 5. Exports 

And lastly, set up what type of export you wish to receive. You can insert your email address or even the email addresses of your colleagues to have handy export delivered to your mailbox. Please note that the export option is available to selected apps only. 

Save the app and you are ready to go! 💪

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our in-app chat. 🙂

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