Global notifications

We worked hard to bring you a brand new notification system. It's easy, intuitive, and no new update will go unnoticed. 


1. Apps with new update or activity

A new activity (see below) in the app is indicated with a red dot.

Scheduler – new comment or mention
Community Management – new inbound comment, new note to your teammate
Monitoring – new inbound mention

System alert – connection errors

2. Notification panel for new activity in the Scheduler and the Community Management App

Find your internal comments and mentions from all Scheduler apps and Community Management apps in the notification center.

By clicking on the notification, you will get redirected to the source.

See All Notifications

3. Mobile App Notifications

To receive notifications in your mobile app, it is necessary to Follow each app with the blue Follow button.

ZoomSphere system alert

Notice and fix your connection as soon as possible thanks to system alert notification.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat 💬.

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