1. IDEA post

We implemented a new stage for your publishing process!

Get to know IDEA status.

The Idea status will help you create simple, short briefs at the time you are not sure about specifics of your planned content, such as post type, copy, visuals, etc. All this without the need of completing the classic 3 step process of creating a new post.

The Idea can be later turned into a post. And this is how it is done:

  • Create a new Idea

  • Select page and insert your comment, then hit Save.Β 

  • The Idea can be created into a post - just hit Create post button

2. Instagram Insights

Improved Instagram statistics are here! Newly you can see all your Instagram Insights in your Analytics module. This has a bunch of benefits:

  • a wider variety of metrics available - Reach, Impressions, Profilesviews and much more!

  • historical data availableΒ 

  • no more data will be missing when access token expires (data will be automatically synchronised when the connection of your profile is refreshed).Β 

3. Instagram comments in Customer Care module

Instagram is now supported channel for Customer Care module, and comments from Instagram posts can be synced into the queue - YAY!

❗❗Note: To access these new Instagram features you need to link your Instagram accounts to existing Facebook pages and reconnect them in Zoomsphere settings via Facebook connect.

Read the step by step guide how to proceed here.

4. Edit past posts in Publisher

It is now possible to reschedule posts which are in the past but were not published.

5. Publisher notifications checklist

Did you proceed with your notification in your Publisher? Just close them to remove them from the list to have this Activity log acting as a checklist of to-dos for you.

Its been quite a list this week, so if you have any questions or need any help with accessing new Instagram features, let us know!

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