What is an Access Token?

Imagine Access Token like a puzzle that connects together ZoomSphere and your social media profile (Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.). All data exchange such as retrieving analytics data, syncing customers' comments, publishing of posts from ZoomSphere is happening through these puzzles. 

As you probably already guessed these puzzles are vital for the correct functioning of all modules in your ZoomSphere account.

Can an Access Token expire?

When you connect your social media channel to your ZoomSphere account, you automatically grant our application access to retrieve data from your social media profile – the Access Token is active. 

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee it will stay this way the whole time you are managing your social media with ZoomSphere.

Access Token expires every time you make some change in your social media profile settings (e.g. password change). What has been occurring lately more often is that Token expires automatically after some time. This action is prompted by the native social media platform (Facebook, Twitter) in order to protect your data.

The native platform wants you to verify that connection with ZoomSphere is still valid and you need to reconnect your social media profile in Settings of your ZoomSphere account in order to confirm it.

What Happens if an Access Token Expires?

If you do not reconnect your social media channel and the Access Tokens remains expired, there will be no data exchange and you can experience events like these:

  • you will not see any data in Analytics App

  • no new comments will be synced into your Customer Care App

  • it will not be possible to publish to the affected channel from your Scheduler

  • ...

If you want to learn how to reconnect your social media profiles, check this article here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email support@zoomsphere.com 🙂

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